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What does membership mean

What Kiwanis offers its members

Where and when we meet

What we do at club meetings

Membership Fees

What we expect from our members

How new members are inducted

What we hope a prospective member will do

What does membership mean
Membership in a Kiwanis club connects a person with the community and other individuals he or she wouldn't otherwise know.  Club members learn about developments and happenings in their community during their regular club gatherings.  They also enjoy new social and business networking opportunities with the wide variety of members in their club.  And, together, they combine their interests and skills to improve their community in ways that make a real impact in the lives of others, particularly children.

Kiwanis is a voluntary organization.  Clubs choose their own members. Each club selects its members from the surrounding community.  Kiwanis clubs look for persons over 18 years old who are interested in their community and other people, and they seek members who can contribute four to six hours a month for club activities and projects.  After paying an induction fee upon joining, each member pays annual dues, which are set by the club.

Membership of the Kiwanis Club of Swift Current is by invitation. Prospective members are sponsored by existing members and, following approval by the Board of Directors, the prospective member is asked to join.

Kiwanis membership is open to persons of good character and community standing who reside in, or have other interests in the area served by the Club.  A Kiwanian is expected to be involved in the activities of the Club and to be regular in attendance.

New members participate in an orientation program which helps them determine how to become involved in ways that best match their personal interests and skills.  Members quickly learn that the benefits of membership increase with their level of participation in their club.  They find the "Kiwanis Connection" to be an excellent fit in their personal and professional lives.

What Kiwanis offers its members
  • An opportunity  to improve the quality of life in the community by sharing their experience, knowledge, time, and  love in service to their community and their peers.
  • An opportunity to unite with young people in joint community service projects.
  • Meetings that provide enlightenment and opportunities for networking and personal involvement in community projects.
  • Fun and fellowship while working together for the benefit of children, adults in need, the physically and mentally challenged, and the underprivileged.
  • Self-growth through leadership and satisfaction through accomplishment.
  • The formation of worthwhile and lasting friendships with people you otherwise might never meet.
  • The opportunity to attend Kiwanis conventions worldwide.
  • The prestige of Kiwanis membership, fun, fellowship, and evidence of true friendship each time we meet.
Where and when we meet
Modern Family Restaurant
49 Central Ave N.
Every Friday at12:00 noon

What We Do at Club Meetings

12:10 - 12:35 - luncheon
12-35 - 12:40 - club announcements and reports
12:40 -   1:00 - speaker on a topical program

All meetings open with "O' Canada" followed by an invocation
                       (There are no rituals)

Membership Fees
A one-time entrance fee of $25
Annual dues of $170.00
Luncheon price:  $10.00
What we expect from our members:
  1. Attendance, as often as possible, at our Luncheons
  2. Commitment of some of their time to our fundraising projects, as well as maintaining an active interest in one or more committees dealing with service projects.
  3. Sponsorship of new members to maintain the Club
How new members are inducted
The Education Committee of Kiwanis meets with proposed new members prior to membership to answer questions and to provide information about Kiwanis.  Once deciding to become a member a simple but dignified ceremony of induction is conducted.  The new member is called forward, introduced to the club, presented with the Kiwanis pin and welcomed to the club.
What we hope a prospective member will do:
        Attend a luncheon as our guest, and say yes when invited to become a member.


Contact us at
Box 1945
Swift Current, SK
S9H 4M6

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